Friday, July 31, 2009


Today was the final day. This morning we went for our final meeting with the students of Xsochicalco as well as the president and vice president of the university. We lamented over our stay and briefly discussed what we enjoyed most about our visit. It was harder for me to say goodbye than expected. I have truly been overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone as well as grown accustom to such great hospitality. Due to the unreliable internet in our hotel, it has been very hard to maintain my blog with any consistancy. So, I will try and catch everyone up to speed on what we presented last night. We did find that most women receive regular "pap" smears. However, less than 10% knew the cause of cervical cancer. In general, the women surveyed were informed about the importance of the "pap" test by doctors, nurses, and the local media. This brief survey was bale to provide some minor insight as to what some of the gaps in education are pertaining to cervical cancer and cervical cancer screening. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Ensenada and returning to Las Cruces. I am eager to be home, but sad to leave at the same time. After I finish unpacking, I will post a blog to reflect upon what I've learned and what I hope to do with this new knowledge. Until then


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